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The next locksmith in line for our Interview with a Locksmith series MLA Approved Company Simon Griffiths ( Editor of Keyways ) from Holdfast Security Systems  For those who missed the other interviews, we are going to be asking some of our MLA Members some general questions about themselves and their companies, plus questions relating to the Locksmith industry in general. So if you are already in the industry, a outsider looking in or looking to become a locksmith, hopefully some of our members answers will provide a insight into the industry and maybe answer some questions you have had about locksmithing in general.

Company Name:  Holdfast Security Systems
Location: Crewe, Cheshire
Years Trading: 24 – established in 1989

1. So tell us a little bit of a back story about yourself, when did you become a Locksmith and how long have been a Locksmith?

I started as an apprenticeship in 1979 and here I am, nearly 35 years later, still at it!

2. How did you originally get into Locksmithing and Why?

In 1979 I finished a catering course at college and wasn’t sure what to do with myself so I was working in a pub when someone said “why don’t I try being a locksmith”.  It turned out he ran a locksmith business and my interview consisted of “when do you want to start”!

3. What advice do you have for people wanting to become a locksmith?

Don’t think you can learn it in a week; I’m still learning 35 years on.  There are lots of courses out there promising massive earnings after 3 or 5 days and it just doesn’t happen that way.  Try to get a job with an MLA company and learn it properly

4. How has the being a member of MLA helped you as a locksmith? 

All sorts of ways including regional meetings where there’s a lot of knowledge to be had in the bar at 3 in the morning!

5. How has business been since the recession hit?

To be honest it’s been pretty good, offering such a range of services and products means if one aspect of the business is quiet another is generally busy and we’ve taken on an apprentice.

6. Are there any funny stories from your time in the industry that stick out?

Lots – but I’m not sure I should let them slip!

7. What are your plans for the future?

Keep on doing what we’re doing, it seems to be working!  But without standing still as things move on all the time and electronics are playing a bigger part in locksmithing every day.

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