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BLI Safe Engineer Exam

What is the BLI Safe Exam?

Like the BLI Exam, our BLI Safe Engineer Exam is for those who want to prove their competence in the specialised area of security safes, and/or are either looking to progress to full personal membership of the MLA, or are wanting to become an MLA approved company (and need to meet the “qualified locksmith” criteria.

Key Facts:

Date: click here for latest course dates
Master Locksmiths Association, 5D Great Central Way, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3PZ
Cost:  Members: £295.00 (£73.75 per element; a,b,c & d)  |  Non-Members: £465.00 (£116.25 per element; a,b,c & d)

What Do I Gain From Taking the Exam?

Gives the title ”Qualified Safe Engineer”

  • Can even use to fulfil part of the ‘Approved Company Membership’ criteria, which is ideal if you wish to use the MLA logo or have a presence on the MLA find a locksmith web directory

What is Involved in taking the exam?

The exam involves a 3 hour practical paper and 1 hour written part.  Full details are below:

Practical Paper (3 hours)

a) Cut to pattern Mauer 71111 President Lever key using a Lancer Mk1. (Examinee to check set up of machine, no lock allowed, key to be finished in your usual manner, genuine blank will be supplied)

b) Cut by Hand 7 Lever Safe Lock Key (S2, lock must not be altered, genuine blank will be supplied)

c)  i) Dismantle and reassemble ready to accept new keys Lagard 2200 & Rosengrens ABN (Specific tools can be used – to be brought by student. The key will be provided by the invigilator when lock is ready to accept.)

ii) Reset to replacement keys S&G FAS lock & Rosengrens RKL10 lock

iii) Reset the following combination locks: (select change keys from random selection)
1. Chubb Bankers – Direct Drive (bronze case)
2. Chubb Bankers – Indirect Drive (late model black case with internal indirect drive)
3. S&G Vault Lock
4. S&G 3 Wheel Lock or Lagard 3 Wheel Lock or Chubb 3 Wheel Lock or MK 4 Manifoil Lock (invigilator will choose)

iv) Find the fault with a 4 wheel S&G lock and rectify. Change to factory code and highlight what the code is combination to a Lagard 33E

vi) Add a user and delete a user on a Lagard 66E

N.B Students will be allowed to bring in instructions/manuals etc.

Students will be held liable for any damage to locks / replacement at market value Sections a & b have to be passed and then 4 out of the 6 parts of section c have to be passed in order to pass the practical paper.

Written Exam Paper (1 Hour)

d) 18 written questions (short answers) covering general safe knowledge including product knowledge, fault diagnosis, factory sets for combination locks etc. A total of 28 points or more from the available 42 points are required to pass the written paper.

Guide Guidance

  • You are to provide all tools and ancillary equipment as if you were attending a customer’s address.
  • Any mains electrical equipment you intend to use on MLA premises must be “PAT” tested.
  • No borrowing of tools will be allowed in the examination centre.
  • Any candidate uncertain about the above conditions should ask for clarification.
  • Any candidate not providing the tools will be disqualified.
  • The MLA reserves the right to terminate your examination at any stage, if unsafe or unfair practice is discovered.
  • Eye protection must be worn (failure to do so can result in failure)
  • Non Members must provide a DBS check


If you wish to find out more about the BLI Safe Exam then please contact us or phone head office on 01327 262 255 for further details.

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